Sasha Banks Injured? Adam Rose Edited, UFC Lesnar Error

Sasha Banks Suffers Concussion?

There are rumors that Sasha Banks suffered a concussion at last Sunday’s house show in Virginia, when she was wrestling Charlotte. She did not appear on this week’s house shows.

Many fans have been wondering whether she was injured anyway, as she hasn’t been on TV for ages. This is actually a creative decision. The company reportedly don’t want her on TV until she’s in the title picture.

Adam Rose Removed From Video

Suspended WWE star Adam Rose has been removed from the Social Outcasts entrance video. If he cannot clear his name over the domestic violence and witness tampering charges he will be automatically released.

Brock Lesnar Listed On UFC Roster

For a brief period yesterday Brock Lesnar was listed on the UFC website roster page. This was obviously an error or internal joke, as he is still under WWE contract.