Samoa Joe Is Two Time NXT Champ, Heyman Talks McGregor vs Lesnar, Ziggler Praises Breeze

Samoa Joe Toronto

NXT TakeOver Toronto Results

Last night’s NXT TakeOver Toronto drew an attendance of 12,649 at the Air Canada Centre, making it the third most attended NXT special behind the two Brooklyn events. Following the show, which saw Samoa Joe become the first two time NXT Champion, Triple H spoke with Cathy Kelly:

Here’s what went down:

– Bobby Roode def. Tye Dillinger:

– The Authors of Pain def. TM61, to win the Dusty Rhodes Classic:

– DIY def. The Revival, to become the NXT Tag Champions:

– Asuka def. Mickie James, to retain the NXT Women’s Championship:

– Samoa Joe def. Shinsuke Nakamura, to become the NXT Champion:

Paul Heyman On Connor McGregor In WWE

In a new interview with Yahoo, Paul Heyman was asked if the WWE locker room would accept UFC’s Connor McGregor making an appearance:

“Who cares if the locker room would embrace Conor McGregor. If Conor McGregor can be a revenue driver for WWE, if he can sell network subscriptions or if he can sell thousands and tens of thousands of tickets, if he can move millions of T-shirts, who cares if anybody in the locker room likes it or doesn’t like it. They just have to learn how to accept it or draw more money than Conor McGregor so they have the leverage to say, ‘I don’t want that guy in my locker room.’ Until they can drive the revenue a Conor McGregor drives, then perhaps they should get used to the fact that people like that will always get offers to come in and, as the old saying goes, draw money.”

He also discussed what would happen in a fight between Lesnar and McGregor:

“…the size difference is just so great. Conor McGregor fights Nate Diaz and Nate Diaz looks like a giant against him. Nate Diaz is 170 pounds. Brock Lesnar is 280-295 pounds.” He continued, “None of this is a knock on Conor McGregor, but you would have to find someone for him to work with that presents a believable picture so that when Conor McGregor does here in WWE what he does in the UFC, which is throw that almost invisible left hand and knock people out, it has credibility attached to it.”

Ziggler Says Breeze Is Better

Dolph Ziggler told The Whig this week that Tyler Breeze is much better than him:

“A lot of people compared him to me just because we’re similar in size and good at wrestling. He’s really, really good. He’s a lot better than I am wrestling, but I had a little bit more main event experience with WWE, so I was more than happy to beat him up in the process but also show him what works and what doesn’t.”