Samoa Joe Signs Exclusive WWE Deal

Samoa Joe WWE NXT

With Ring of Honor getting their new Cable TV slot on Destination America WWE have opted to sign Samoa Joe to an exclusive deal, so he cannot appear elsewhere. It seems the company are ok with allowing NXT talent to make independent dates so long as they aren’t featured on national television.

As much as ROH and TNA aren’t competition, when it comes down to it, WWE are not in the business of sharing TV stars.

Joe will however still be able to make the advertised June 20th ROH TV taping from New York, so it will be interesting to see whether he gets a farewell segment. He’ll also be wrapping up a few more independent dates before he becomes the exclusive property of WWE.

Like Kevin Owens it’s believed that his NXT merchandise sales are extremely impressive, which is as good of a measure as any that he’s brought an audience with him.

Joe wrestled a Superstars match before RAW last night, defeating Tyson Kidd with the Muscle Buster.

Although nothing has been confirmed some live fan reports suggest Kidd may have been injured in the match. Let’s hope he was just selling the move!