Ryback Pulled From Action Over Contract, Enzo Injury Update

Ryback walks out

Ryback Sitting Out Contract?

WWE Superstar Ryback has been removed from all upcoming dates after he couldn’t come to terms on a new contract with the company. There are conflicting reports about whether he walked out or was sent home, but PWInsider.com says his deal expires this summer. Unless things can be worked out it looks like he will be sitting out the rest of the contract.

It’s no secret that the former Intercontinental champion has been creatively frustrated over the past year or so, believing he can be ‘the guy’ but isn’t being given the opportunity. It’s not clear if this played a role in the dispute.

Although several top names are out, the WWE roster hasn’t been this stacked in years. In that respect the company are less likely to be strong-armed in contractual disputes.

Enzo’s Return Status

The earliest Enzo will be returning to action is the end of the month. He has been pulled from all dates through May 20th.

After a pretty scary accident at Payback, he was diagnosed with a concussion without any neck injuries.

During his match with Cass against the Vaudevillains Enzo attempted to slide out of the ring, but the side of his face connected with bottom rope, leaving him in a semi-conscious heap on the outside.

When he returns they will likely have a rematch for the Tag title contendership.