Ryback Channels Goldberg With New Ring Gear

Ryback Goldberg

There was a time in Ryback’s career that he struggled with being compared to WCW legend Goldberg. Although he seems to have gotten over it, his new ring gear looks pretty familiar and we’re sure audiences are going to at least try to revive the sarcastic “Goldberg” chants:

Ryback first donned the black trunks at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings in a match against Erick Rowan.

Interestingly when the Goldberg chants were at their height in 2013 it emerged that the company had reached out to the former World Heavyweight champ about coming in for Wrestlemania and doing the job. Goldberg felt Ryback wasn’t in his league and that was that.

“At the end of the day, me in the ring with Ryback wouldn’t be my ultimate opponent of my choosing. I’d like to wrestle Undertaker with the streak versus streak,” said Goldberg at the time.

“It gets annoying. It surely got annoying when people called me Steve Austin, but at the end of the day, I took it as a compliment. If I was Ryback or whatever his name is, and I’m not going to be sitting here on my high-horse, but hey man, you have to look in the mirror and thank God that they are comparing him to me. I got more talent in one finger than that punk has in his entire body.”

It was only a couple of months back that Ryback told Sam Roberts the Goldberg stuff was no longer an issue.

“It never bothered me. I knew the fans were very loyal to him because he was at the top of WCW, came in here, and had a good run. I knew in time people would become loyal to me and it would get rid of it. There will be a few smart alecks who try to do ‘Goldberg, Goldberg’, but it gets overwhelmed instantly with ‘Feed Me More’.”

Something tells us this might change if he keeps the new attire. Perhaps that’s the point, maybe something is brewing? It was rumored in December that WWE had once again reached out to Goldberg, but that was regarding a match with Brock Lesnar.

Watch this space …