Rousey Talks WWE, Why NXT Was Created, Hogan vs Cena Was Greenlit? Ziggler Hacked

Ronda Rousey Stephanie McMahon

Ronda Rousey Vows To Be Back

In her recent Reddit AMA, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey said she will absolutely be back in a WWE ring. The question is when?

“Definitely,” Rousey replied. “I loved being in Wrestlemania and will find a way to get back in the squared circle I just have no clue when. And any real wrestling fan would want to be surprised anyway.”

As previously reported UFC chief Dana White has publicly stated that he doesn’t want her wrestling, which could leave her open to injury, but it’s almost a given that she’ll make more appearances in the future.

Stephanie On NXT’s Business Purpose

Stephanie McMahon gave an honest answer when asked why NXT was created during the the 2015 Experian Marketing Services Client Summit. She admitted that not all wrestling fans are a fan of the main WWE product, so Triple H came up with the idea of reaching the fans left behind, who would ordinarily prefer the independents or a more in-ring focussed show.

Stephanie explained that it’s still considered a developmental brand, but the idea is that fans who enjoy the stars on NXT will follow them to the main roster when they are called up.

Hogan Would Have Faced Cena At Wrestlemania?

It’s rumored that before Hulk Hogan’s racism controversy Vince McMahon had actually greenlit a match between the Hall of Famer and John Cena for Wrestlemania 32. Vince and Triple H were reportedly doing their best to humor Hogan but deep down didn’t want the match to go ahead. However John Cena managed to change their minds as he personally wanted to have a Hogan match (potentially his last) on his resume.

Of course it will no longer be going ahead as the company have practically erased him from recent history. That didn’t stop Hogan Tweeting about the match this week:

Speaking of Hulk Hogan today marks his 62nd birthday.

Dolph Ziggler’s Social Accounts Hacked

Dolph Ziggler’s Twitter and Instagram were compromised on Monday. Among the the content posted included a random nude image of a woman, and a message directed at Hulk Hogan:

Ziggler Hogan