Roode and Young Update, NXT Affected By Brand Split? Luke Harper In Movie

Bobby Roode & Eric Young Update

Triple H revealed in today’s NXT conference call, that he is still working on contracts for Bobby Roode and Eric Young. At this stage they’re most likely going through the formalities.

Is NXT Safe After Brand Split?

One interesting topic of the call was whether NXT would be affected by the roster split, and if this is why the next TakeOver is called “The End.” It was speculated that with separate RAW and SmackDown touring brands, this could limit NXT’s touring.

Triple H said the name has a lot of meanings and we’ll know more on the night.

He also said that even if a lot of talent get called up, he still has 70 to 80 wrestlers waiting at the Performance Center.

Luke Harper In Horror Film

Luke Harper has been cast in Ted Geoghegan’s upcoming horror film “Mohawk.” The movie is about a “horrifying home invasion … where the home is North America itself.”

Harper’s injury is keeping him out of action until the Fall.