Ronda Rousey At Wrestling Event, RVD Also Donating Brain, Santino’s Daughter

Ronda Rousey PWG

Ronda Rousey Spotted At PWG Event

Former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey and fellow fighter Travis Brown were in attendance at last night’s Pro Wrestling Guerrilla show in Reseda, California:

RVD Donating Brain For CTE Research

We recently reported that Kevin Nash has agreed to donate his brain and spine to the CTE Center at Boston University, when he passes away. RVD revealed on Taz’s podcast that he too has signed up to the program, that will allow doctors to learn more about concussions and the brain.

RVD also cites preliminary research that THC from marijuana has neuroprotective qualities, which is why he believes he has not experienced any negative cognitive issues despite multiple concussions over his career.

Santino’s Daughter Does Ring Announcing

Santino’s daughter is now doing the ring announcing for his independent promotion BattleArts: