Roman Reigns Heels On Fan, Mexican John Cena Restaurant, Kane Praises Rollins

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Fires Back On Twitter

Although he’s supposed to be the top good guy, Roman Reigns cann’t seem to hold his tongue on Twitter when the ‘fans’ start running their mouths. Here’s a funny exchange that went down yesterday:

Reigns made his SmackDown return yesterday and it seems he’s dropped the crowd entrance permanently:

John Cena Burger & Taco

As is often the case in countries where foreign trademarks mean nothing, a fast food joint in Monterrey, Mexico, is using John Cena and other wrestlers to market their “burger & taco” menu. Here are some photos that showed up on Reddit. Insert Juan Cena jokes.

Kane Has Mad Respect For Rollins

In a recent interview with the UK Daily Star, Kane gave big props to Seth Rollins:

Seth is just an awesome talent. “It’s amazing, the guys from the Shield – Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns – we all knew they had great potential. It’s awesome to see them fulfilling that. It was very rewarding for me to be there, not only with Seth but with Roman and Dean, when they first started. Daniel Bryan and I in Team Hell No were among their opponents early on and it is really very gratifying for me to maybe in some way have helped launch those guys to what are going to be really great heights.