Roman Reigns Used Fake Blood? Batista Says Titus Doesn’t Need WWE

Roman Reigns fake blood

What Is WWE’s Blood Policy?

It seems highly likely that Roman Reigns used fake blood from a capsule during the beatdown from Triple H on RAW, and a video showing Byron Saxton handing him something supports this theory.

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Posted by Jamez Wood on Monday, February 22, 2016

A casual onlooker might say “of course they used fake blood,” but as fans will know traditionally wrestlers bleed real blood by cutting themselves with a secret blade. In the modern PG era Vince McMahon outlawed this practice due to fear of spreading diseases and getting negative press. Anyone caught “blading” is given a hefty fine, so unless the policy has been changed we can assume Reigns didn’t blade.

It’s been speculated numerous times that to get around this stars have deliberately busted themselves on other objects, but on this occasion it seems more likely that it was simply fake. The lack of stitches/staples photos would also suggest he wasn’t actually cut, because the company tends to milk those shots on social media when they are legit.

When you take a step back and think about, why the hell don’t they use fake blood as standard? Non-fans assume they do anyway and hardcore fans can’t begrudge them for choosing not to slice their own faces open.

In storyline Reigns’ nose was “shattered”:

Roman Reigns underwent surgery earlier today in Tampa, Fla., to repair a shattered nose, sustained at the hands of WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H last night on Raw, can confirm.
In a brawl after the night’s main event, The Game repeatedly slammed Reigns’ face into the announce desk, then Pedigreed The Big Dog onto the steel steps.

Speaking of Reigns here is a video of a “fan” attempting to throw a beer at him during last night’s entrance:

Batista On Titus O’Niel Situation

TMZ caught up with Batista this week and asked him about his friend Titus O’Niel getting suspended. Batista was very critical of WWE and said Titus doesn’t need to be there: