Roman Reigns’ New Side Plates, Charlotte Muscle & Fitness Cover, Jericho Talks WWE Creative

Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns Gets His Side Plates

Here’s a photo of Roman Reigns’ new WWE World Heavyweight Championship side plates.

Despite the reaction on Monday Jim Ross still thinks a heel turn could still be a good idea:

Even though I’m not predicting it, Reigns suddenly aligning himself with The Authority would be a massive shocker and cast an entire new, long lasting light on the WWE Champion who needs to adopt the ‘Dirty Harry’ philosophy of speaking less and not more. Roman doesn’t need to be a Stone Cold or Rock remake but instead allow his natural personality to be put on display, organically. Reigns was great on the WWE2K video game symposium simply being himself. I’d suggest trying that plus Roman becoming more invested in the creation of his own verbiage.

Charlotte’s Muscle and Fitness Cover

Jericho Wants More Creative Freedom In WWE

In a recent interview with Maria Menounos, Chris Jericho said one problem with WWE creative is that things have been restricted since the company went public:

When I started it was the wild west, like, just gypsies, tramps, and thieves, like, lunatics. It was worse than rock and roll. Yeah, it was. And then, when you start moving into the late 1990s and early 2000s, it started to have a little bit of a cultural shift where more writers were coming in and the product was kind of cleaned up to be more of a corporate type of thing when Vince [McMahon] went public, right? And then he was trying to get Coca Cola as a sponsor, like the big time family friendly [companies], which is cool. But what happened was you did lose a little bit of that maverick spirit, of that, not so much rebellion, but just, ‘I’m going to take a chance and if it sucks, okay, and if it works, suddenly, you’ve done something different.’

You don’t have that freedom to try as much anymore because it [has] really gotten into, ‘here’s your script’ like a TV show, but it’s not a TV show. No other entertainment entity is like it, so you have to have that element of giving girls and guys a chance to fail. If it doesn’t work, at least you tried. At least you went outside the box. And I think there is a little bit of that missing where it can still come back, but the opportunities to try stuff [are] becoming less and less. It’s more of, ‘this has been approved. Read this. Memorize these lines and say it.’ I can memorize a Shakespearean play, [but] it doesn’t mean I can say it with any conviction whatsoever. You have to believe in it and you have to commit.