Rollins Talks Injury, Cryptic Ziggler Tweet, Abyss Was Offered WWE Deal?

Abyss WWE

Abyss Turned Down WWE?

In a recent appearance on the Ross Report, TNA’s Abyss says he was offered a big WWE deal in 2006 but turned it down. He was reportedly meant to be put straight in to a feud with the Undertaker, but that wasn’t enough to break his loyalty to Dixie’s company. “I would rather have been part of something… versus taking the chance of going somewhere and just being a number,” he explained.

Tommy Dreamer who was working in TNA’s office at the time even told Abyss he was crazy and suggested that it was really down to “stage fright.”

Seth Rollins Remains Positive

Seth Rollins wrote the following on Facebook regarding his recent injury:

Huge thanks to everyone who has reached out and extended their support over the last week. Means a lot to me. Surgery is done and I’m on the mend! Every day is forward movement now. I’ll be back it before you can even miss me.

Meanwhile Triple H discussed the situation in storyline in this week’s interview with Michael Cole:

Dolph Ziggler Tweets Legends

Dolph Ziggler posted a cryptic message on Twitter this week to The Rock, Steve Austin and Triple H. It features lyrics from Skid Row’s “18 and Life” song: