Enzo & Cas Reaction, Triple H Avoids Vince In Gym, Aries’ Backup Plan, Y2J Sticking Around

Enzo and Cas Roadblock

WWE Roadblock Results

WWE’s Network special Roadblock took place last night in front of a hot crowd in Toronto. Enzo & Cas vs The Revival (both essentially making their main roster debuts) drew one of the best reactions of the night. The audience were very in to the match and there’s no doubt when Enzo & Cas get the call up that they’ll become an important part of the roster. Here’s what went down on the show:

– WWE Tag Team Champions Big E & Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus & King Barrett, when Big E hit the Big Ending on Barrett.

– Chris Jericho def. Jack Swagger after cutting a scathing promo on Canada and AJ Styles.

– NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival def. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady.

– In a WWE.com exclusive The New Day crossed paths with Dash and Dawson backstage.

– Divas Champion Charlotte def. Natalya, after using the ropes to get pin leverage.

– Brock Lesnar def. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper in a 2-on-1 Handicap Match.

– Sami Zayn def. Stardust.

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H def. Dean Ambrose, when Ambrose missed a diving elbow through the table and Triple H followed up with the Pedigree.

Triple H Never Works Out With Vince

TMZ caught up with Triple H and Stephanie over the weekend, and The Game said he never works out with Vince because he’s crazy:

Meanwhile Triple H has been training with MMA fighter Seth Petruzelli at the Performance Center:

Austin Aries Talks NXT Debut

In a recent interview with the Wrestling Compadres Austin Aries revealed that he had a backup plan if the crowd didn’t recognize him. He told Bayley: “If I walk out there and it’s crickets and nobody knows me, just come out and give me a hug.”

Jericho Staying After Wrestlemania

Chris Jericho is set to continue with WWE after Wrestlemania as he has no Fozzy dates or anything else booked.