Rey Mysterio’s Son Training To Wrestle, Barrett Movie Trailer, Nash Supports Trump?

Dominic Mysterio

Dominic Begins Training In January

Dominic, the son of wrestling legend Rey Mysterio, is looking to follow in his father’s footsteps and get in to the wrestling business. “Come January, I’m gonna get him in the ring and see how his reflexes are as soon as he steps into the ring. See what he can do, what he cannot do, and then go from there,” Rey revealed on Konnan’s Keepin It 100 podcast this week.

Dominic who stands much taller than his father previously appeared on WWE programming as a kid, in a soap opera style storyline where Eddie Guerrero claimed to be his real “papi.”

WWE Studios’ “Eliminators” Trailer

Here is the trailer for WWE Studios film Eliminators, starring former talent Wade Barrett. The movie is out on Digital HD, November 22nd and DVD, Blu-ray and on-demand December 6th.

Kevin Nash Clarifies Trump Tweet

Kevin Nash clarified a recent Tweet in which he wore a Donald Trump shirt, explaining that it was to gauge public reaction:

To the low IQ group. The tweet was, wore this for a response. Never did I say I backed,endorsed or gave a fuck about the candidate. In Volusia county where I live it was warmly embraced. Thus Hillary you're in trouble girl. Trump crushed in my county. I wasn't wrong. This was a warning not an endorsement. I even cut the sleves of to fit the demographic . I've voted Democratic in all elections except my first, which I voted for Reagan. I don't flip or flop. I vote for my party unless a beacon of sensibility comes along. I wasn't feeling Trump. It's one vote fuck you if it's not your choice. I'm a fucking American served my country in the United States Army. Assholes say tired of people with celebrity voicing their opinion. Guess what my vote counts as one just like you. Social media doesn't matter to me. Act like a stupid bigot your blocked. I don't need nor want your approval. People ask me what I do every day. They have no idea who I am. My answer whatever the fuck I want!

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