RAW Preview, Owens Wants Lesnar, WWE Fan Incident, Brad Maddox’s New Name

Ric Flair Charlotte

Ric Flair On RAW

WWE.com are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW from Pittsburgh:

– Will Sheamus be able to keep his distance from Roman Reigns?

– Will Owens send a message to Ambrose?

– What sinister plans do The Wyatt Family have for the Dudleys?

– Will Charlotte attain retribution on Paige?

– Expect more tag team chaos on Raw.

Ric Flair is also scheduled for the show as part of the continued feud between Charlotte and Paige. The rumor is that they’re going to set up a women’s ladder match for TLC.

Owens Wants Lesnar At Wrestlemania

Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens told the Like Father Like Son podcast that he wants to wrestle Brock Lesnar at Wresltemania:

I’ve answered this question a couple of times and my answer is always Brock Lesnar, because I’d just love to be in the ring with him and see what it’s like. There’s nobody quite like Brock Lesnar, as far as pure strength and viciousness and everything. I’d love to see if I could hang with him and see how much I could hurt him. I’d love to get in the ring with The Undertaker one day, too. I feel like that’s a long shot, I guess, because he wrestles on a limited basis and when he does, it’s always a huge deal. But, hopefully I can position myself in the next year or so to be seen as a viable opponent for the Undertaker, because it would be a thrill to be in the ring with him at WrestleMania or anywhere. It can be on a Raw or a live event, I don’t really care. I’d just love to be in the ring with him. I feel like that would be an experience I’d never forget.

Sheamus Hit With Bottle

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus was hit in the head with an empty plastic bottle during the Huntington, West Virginia house show yesterday. Here is one Twitter user’s post about the incident:

Brad Maddox’s Indy Name

Recently released Bard Maddox claims he will be using the name Mad Braddox on the independents:

Barrett Tweets Soccer Manager

Bad News Barrett has gotten in to a bit of a media beef with Irish national soccer manager Roy Keane, who criticized Wayne Rooney for his recent RAW segment. He told the press:

I always question certain players what are they doing off the field? I saw Wayne last week slapping a wrestler and I’m thinking ‘why is he getting involved in all that nonsense? There’s no benefit to him so I think I would look at that side to it.

Barrett responded:

[It’s not like kicking a ball around is the most meaningful job in the world either Roy!]

Khali Talks WCW

Former WWE star Great Khali discussed his little known time training at WCW in a recent interview with the Daily Pioneer:

After six months there, I signed a contract with World Championship Wrestling (WCW). There I continued to learn the trade and to fight but then Vince McMahon, chairman of WWE, bought the company. It left me disappointed because only in 7-8 months that I was there, the company was bought. I was not sure how things would transpire now and what would happen to my career.

I signed the contract in 2005. McMahon sent a limousine to get me from the premiere of The Longest Yard in New York and he wanted to see me in person. Normally he doesn’t do that but in my case he made an exception. He asked if I wanted to work with WWE and I gladly said yes.