RAW Preview, Lana On Not Wrestling, Nikki Injured? Slaughter’s Role

RAW Summerslam

On The Card For Tonight

Tonight’s episode of WWE RAW is live from the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and John Cena are all expected to appear. WWE.com are hyping the following 5 points:

– Will The Phenom and The Beast brawl before SummerSlam?

– Should Orton watch his back for Sheamus?

– Will Cena meet Rollins face-to-face before SummerSlam?

– How will Lana get payback against Rusev and Summer Rae?

– Which Diva trio will stand tall before SummerSlam?

Lana Says She Doesn’t Need To Wrestle

When a fan criticized Lana for not wrestling on social media, she responded saying she doesn’t need to wrestle to be successful:

“I find it exceptionally awesome what I do. Are you saying Paul Heyman hasn’t created one of the most epic legacies ? He will be remembered more than 98% of women and men that ever wrestled in WWE. How about Stephanie McMahon? She picked wisely when to wrestle and when not to wrestle. I am not here to be adored I am here to help create compelling stories. I don’t have to fight and wrestle everyday because I am that good at what I do. This is WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and I bring the BIG E to the WWE. And thank you, if I can help one person stand up for themselves & leave a toxic relationship, then my story is more then worth while. Thank you.”

Nikki Injures Back?

It would seem the WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella is working through a back injury. She noted on Twitter:

She did not work the weekend house shows.

Sgt. Slaughter On His WWE Role

WWE Hall of Famer Sgt. Slaughter discussed his ambassador role with WWE in a recent interview with the Baltimore Sun:

“I’m the ambassador for WWE and part of my job is to watch the show and give my input, what I like and don’t like. I look out for talent, and give recommendations, and even help scout talent sometimes. While sometimes you want to keep wrestling forever, eventually we get to a point where we can’t continue doing what we did. Now we all have roles in trying to keep the product going. We want to keep WWE as the top in the industry. You’re always working, it’s a 24/7 job. I shouldn’t say job, though. It’s something that you always want to look after it, and help it improve.

“It’s a really amazing product. Look at how many matches there are a week. One thing I’m really happy about is that the divas are starting to make their mark now. They’re showing that they can be right there with the guys. … These days you have to stay in great shape. Back when I was coming up, you didn’t have the trainers and doctors and all the people that assisted you. You just had to take care of yourself. It’s great that now if you have a strain or something, there’s someone there for you, instead of just jumping in the car and getting to the next show. I tip my cap to everyone involved, from the writing and production team to the guys, because it’s an amazing product.”