Orton Wants Zayn, Young Bucks React To Gallows and Anderson, Neville Update

Randy Orton return

Orton Looking Forward To Return

Randy Orton is looking forward to returning to the ring now that there are a lot of new Superstars to work with. He told fans at the recent Dubai Comic Con that he wants to face Finn Balor and Sami Zayn as soon as he gets the chance.

Orton is expected to be cleared either for Extreme Rules or Money In The Bank.

Nick Jackson On RAW’s Big Debut

Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks Tweeted the following regarding the debut of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson on RAW:

Neville Wont Be Changing His Style

Neville recently told Channel Guide Magazine that despite his injury he doesn’t plan to tone down his style:

“I think it will take more than a broken ankle to change me. I’m an adrenaline junkie, and that is always going to be my style. I broke my ankle doing a baseball slide, which is a relatively simple maneuver. It’s certainly not high risk. But what the injury did do was open my eyes to how easily an injury can happen. I’ve been fortunate in my career not to have many injuries — especially ones that have kept me out for long periods. So this was certainly an eye opener how easily this could happen and how careful I must be.”

Like Orton he too has Sami Zayn and Finn Balor in mind for when he returns:

“There so many guys I watch on the sidelines who I want to work with. There are guys I would love to meet again. Sami Zayn is a guy we’ve had a friendly competition going on for 10 to 12 years. So that’s someone I would like to revisit and someone who brings out the best in me. The same goes for Finn Balor and Kevin Owens. I also have some aspirations with other guys I would like to mix it up with. I would like to mix it up again with Seth Rollins, who is obviously hurt right now. But he is someone I would love to mix it up with when I got back. There is a long list of potential fresh match-ups and fresh directions upon coming back from this injury.”

Dupree Lawsuit Dismissed

Renee Dupree’s lawsuit over WWE Network royalties has already been dismissed because the last contract he signed nullified the “technology yet to be invented” clause that the Network would have fallen under.

Cody Rhodes Launching Charity

Cody Rhodes and NXT star Tommaso Ciampa are launching a charity called “Our Ladder” in the name of recently deceased UK wrestler Kris Travis, who died from stomach cancer.