Randy Orton Takes Shot At Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins Arrives Late To House Show

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Orton Mocks UFC-Bound Lesnar

Randy Orton has re-tweeted a comment mocking Brock Lesnar for possibly jumping back to the UFC.

“Get the new Brock Lesnar ‘Eat. Sleep. Threaten to leave for UFC when your contract is up to get more money. Repeat.’ shirt,” reads the Tweet from parody Twitter account ‘WWE Creative Humor.’

“Sooo, THIS is pretty funny,” wrote the Viper upon re-tweeting the joke.

Amidst rumors of Lesnar’s intention to return to MMA, Jon Jones called him out following a victory over Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 last week. Dana White suggested that the earliest the fight could theoretically take place is 6 months. The Beast’s WWE contract expires after next year’s WrestleMania, which is about 8 months from now.

So, Lesnar could wait until then, but he was still with WWE when he fought Mark Hunt.

This all adds some extra intrigue for his SummerSlam Universal championship defense, because if he does want to fight as soon as possible he’d need to leave WWE soon to start training.

Of course at this stage everything is just speculation. Jim Ross noted on his blog that it might actually be Jon Jones jumping to WWE, not Lesnar going to UFC.

This is the second time in a week that Randy Orton has re-tweeted ‘WWE Creative Humor.’

Rollins Apologizes For Missing House Show

Seth Rollins missed last night’s WWE house show in Halifax, Nova Scotia, because he arrived too late. The RAW star who was advertised prominently for the event didn’t get to Halifax until 10pm – right at the end of the action.

Rollins took to Twitter to apologize to fans, but didn’t elaborate on why he was delayed. There’s no indication that he has any ‘heat,’ so it was likely an unforeseen delay in transport.

The original card saw Rollins team with Dean Ambrose against Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows, but this was changed at the last minute to Ambrose vs Anderson in a single’s bout.

WWE promote their events as “card subject to change” to cover their backs in this kind of situation.

Ambrose defeated Anderson with the Dirty Deeds.

HoHo Lun Leaves WWE For Sick Mother

NXT wrestler HoHo Lun asked for and was granted his release from WWE this week so he can tend to his sick mother.

The Chinese star told WWE.com that he went home to Hong Kong last month on vacation and decided that’s where he needs to be for the foreseeable future.

“One of my top goals was to perform in front of WWE Live fans in China,” he said. “It was a really tough decision because I wanted to perform in my home.”

“…maybe one day, I can come back to WWE again and perform as a WWE Superstar,” he concluded.

WWE were hoping to use Lun as part of their ongoing overseas expansion, but until they find someone else they will have to rely on non-native superstars to draw the Chinese audience.

Mustafa Ali Exposes Move Thief On Twitter

205 Live standout Mustafa Ali took to Twitter yesterday to expose an alleged move-thief: