Randy Orton Sick of Bullsh*t Gimmick Matches

Orton Punjabi Prison

Orton: No More Houses of Horror or Punjabi Prisons!

Pro wrestling wouldn’t be pro wrestling without gimmick matches, but while many consistently meet fan expectations and have stood the test of time (the ladder match, Hell In A Cell); others have proven overly complicated and anti-climatic – they suck!

This year’s debuting House of Horrors and the recent return of the Punjabi Prison have received particularly negative responses from some fans, and we now know that Randy Orton himself is sick and tired of performing in these convoluted concepts.

He doesn’t want to run around a farm house using refrigerators as weapons or climb fake bamboo, because the prison system in India is apparently seriously lacking in state funding.

“I’ll fight you. Just no Punjabi Prison Matches or House of Horrors or Flag Matches or any other bullshit matches,” the Viper re-tweeted on Wednesday.

The Tweet itself came from a popular parody account called ‘WWE Creative Humor.’ The fact that Orton drew attention to it is just another example of his brash public attitude – he frequently tells it how it is – after WrestleMania he echoed fan sentiment that the snake graphic on the ramp during his entrance “looked like giant sperm.”

As a locker room veteran we wouldn’t expect any different, but what is confusing is the company’s failure to take his feelings on board.

How much longer does the 37 year old 13 time world champion have to suffer in weak storylines, silly matches, and corporate experiments (i.e. the Jinder Mahal experiment)?

There’s no question that his character has grown stale, but stealing the TNA Ultimate X and using it as a ‘symbol’ or getting clobbered by The Great Khali, isn’t helping.

Randy Orton symbol

For somebody that WWE legends unanimously praise as one of the greatest of today’s era – a cold and calculated modern Jake Roberts – he’s doing some pretty dumb things.

Randy Orton deserves better! Better character development, better opponents, and a better dialogue with management, who clearly aren’t listening.

The saving grace is that his match with Rusev at SummerSlam is a good old, bog standard wrestling match (at least at this stage), though even this feels like an after-thought. Did he even get his heat back for losing at Battleground? Why does he care about Rusev all of a sudden?