Why Ranallo Has Been Quiet, Who Stood Up To JBL? Why Steph’s Taking Time Off

JBL Ranallo

Mauro Ranallo Contract Update

Although he has re-tweeted seemingly anti-JBL and mental-health support messages, it’s believed the reason why Mauro Ranallo has not publicly explained his absence from WWE is because he is under some kind of non-disclosure agreement. This will expire in August when his contact officially runs out and he becomes a free agent.

Rumor has it that the company is attempting to offer him a financial settlement to remain silent after this point. A bullying story for a company that does charity work around anti-bullying is obviously terrible PR.

Daivari and Anderson Share JBL Stories

Speaking of JBL, former WWE superstars Mr. Kennedy/Anderson and Shawn Daivari shared several stories of wrestlers standing up to JBL in an appearance on Pancakes and Powerslams

Daivari’s own encounter:

“John came [backstage] and just picked me as his target. A bunch of people weren’t watching [his main event match from backstage], and he goes, ‘Shawn Daivari doesn’t need to watch the main event! Shawn Daivari knows everything about everything in wrestling! Shawn doesn’t have to watch the main event! He’s good, he’s got it!’ And I said, ‘No. You’ve been doing the same match 17 nights in a row. I can call every single move you did, I can tell you exactly what happened, I can tell you what heat you did to the crowd to get them involved, I’ve seen it! No, I don’t need to watch it tonight!'”

Anderson shares a time where both Edge and John Morrison stood up to JBL:

“Paul Heyman told me this story about how JBL was needling Edge on a bus, overseas. Edge was pretty new to the company, and [JBL kept needling him]. JBL had a beer in his hand, Edge just stood up, and swatted the beer out of his hand, and said ‘Let’s go right now. I’m sick of it.’ From that point on, JBL said ‘Oh calm down, sweetheart.’ Everything was smoothed over, and he didn’t mess with him again.

“[John Morrison] stood up to him one night. JBL didn’t like the way him and Miz had sold at the end of their match. They hadn’t celebrated enough. [JBL was getting on him], and Johnny basically just snapped on him, and told him to mind his own business. They almost went at it.”

Why Stephanie Took Table Bump

The reason why Stephanie McMahon took the table bump at WrestleMania is because she needed a storyline reason to go on an extended vacation with her and Triple H’s children.