Punk Tweets Samoa Joe, Austin On Rollins Situation, Daniel Bryan Calls Wrestling Art

CM Punk Samoa Joe

CM Punk Gives Samoa Joe Advice

CM Punk has given Samoa Joe some Wrestlemania “advice” on Twitter:

Time For Other Stars To Step Up

Now that Seth Rollins is out Steve Austin says it’s time for other stars to step up. He told 105.3 THE FAN Dallas/Ft. Worth this morning:

These guys in waiting that have been thinking if they had a shot, now is their chance to seize that opportunity. It’s sink or swim now, and they’re going to get an opportunity that they normally wouldn’t have had coming.

Some Wrestlemania material has already been updated to replace Rollins:

Daniel Bryan Answers The Fake Question

In a recent interview with NDTV Daniel Bryan discussed wrestling being fake:

You know how in art, there’s this term, postmodernism, and it’s basically, art for entertainment? I think we’ve become a little like that. I mean, everyone starts to knowingly say, ‘it’s fake, it’s fake,’ and then the word ‘entertainment’ comes into our name, and I think that the audience doesn’t react the same way – you see something amazing, and you go, ‘yeah, that’s just a part of the script’. But of course it’s also real, it’s really difficult and you can get badly injured. That’s why we’ve got to keep telling people, ‘don’t try this at home,’ because it is entertainment, but it’s also real. It’s difficult, and it’s painful.