Piper Had Blood Clot, Lesnar Works ESPN Security, Xpac Drug Story

Roddy Piper blood clot

Official Roddy Piper Cause of Death

The official cause of death of Roddy Piper is back, and reveals that his cardiac arrest was brought on due to a blood clot in his lungs – pulmonary embolism.

The WWE Hall of Famer had a history of high blood pressure and hypertension.

You can read the full death certificate via TMZ.

Funny Lesnar Video

While Brock Lesnar was at ESPN earlier this week they filmed a funny segment where he manned the security gate:

Speaking of Lesnar Jim Ross discussed his work ethic during his younger years, in an interview with Bleacher Report:

He’s got a very devoted worth ethic because that’s how he was raised. When you’re raised on a dairy farm, people have to understand, those cows are milked every morning and every evening every day of the year. So when you’re raised on a dairy farm, you understand the word ‘commitment’ and nose to the grindstone, for lack of a better term. And that’s the environment that he knew. That’s all he knew. So I think that has helped him establish his character, his integrity, as far as how he approaches his vocation.

Lesnar was not a pro wrestling fan, but he was so competitive that every drill he wanted to be the best at. If he saw somebody do like a moonsault [a backward flip off the top rope] even though he’s 300 pounds, he thought, ‘Well, there should be no reason I shouldn’t be able to do a moonsault.’ And athletically, there wasn’t any reason, certainly. You know he could do anything he wanted to do. There’s nothing anybody else could do in the ring that he couldn’t do.

Sean Waltman Took Meth In TNA

Sean Waltman who was recently on Steve Austin’s podcast, recalled a time when he took meth before a match with AJ Styles in TNA. He openly discussed his addiction, explaining how it felt “incredible” to begin with and he thought he could moderate his use, but ended up spiralling out of control.

He says that he was able to apologize to Styles recently.