Paige Returning Soon? Rollins Talks Crossover Stars, Styles Wants Nakamura At WrestleMania

Paige WWE

Paige Reveals WWE Status

A local reporter in San Antonio, Texas, caught up with WWE’s Paige on Monday and asked when she’d be back in the ring:

“Hopefully within the next couple of months, fingers crossed,” says the controversial Superstar. “Now I have to get cleared by WWE doctors.”

Paige and Alberto El Patron were appearing at the Malik Rose Bowling Tournament to raise money for the Salvation Army’s Emergency Family Shelter.

The former Diva’s Champion has been out of action with a neck injury.

WWE Doesn’t Need Outsiders

In a recent interview with the UK’s Sky Sports, Seth Rollins said WWE doesn’t need crossover stars from UFC:

“I think we have maybe the most talented roster of all time. I don’t think we need anybody to help or crossover. If they want to come over to our world and have some fun then that’s cool but we’re happy doing our thing on our own.”

He also named his favorite SummerSlam matches and moments:

“SummerSlam was a big part of my childhood and there have been some legendary matches. I really liked it when Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior teamed up against Slaughter and Adnan one year. I loved it when Liz and Savage got married too. Bulldog and Bret at Wembley, the TLC match between The Hardyz, Dudleys, Edge & Christian; there’s a tonne of memories.”

AJ’s WrestleMania Dream Opponents

AJ Styles revealed his dream WrestleMania opponents during the recent Wizard World Columbus event. Via Screen Geek:

“There’s a couple guys that I’m looking forward to getting into the ring with whether it’s Shinsuke or Finn or Seth. You know, guys like that – or even going back to Roman. I love wrestling those guys.”

“I’m picking Shinsuke. Sorry, that’s nothing on Finn Balor. The reason why I say this is because at Wrestlemania, it’s not going to happen with Finn Balor and I. Why? Because he’s on Raw. Shinsuke’s my best chance getting into that Main Event picture at Wrestlemania. That’s why he wins the championship. I hope he wins it so I can get in there and wrestle him at Wrestlemania.”

“I think it’s great that Shinsuke is getting an opportunity to be – I don’t know if it’s going to be main event – but I think it’s cool that it’s going to be one of them. This guy has paid his dues. He’s been in Japan for a long time and he’s so charismatic in everything he does. I’m looking forward to the match just like everyone else.”