Paige Posts Cryptic Tweet, Linda Appointed By Trump, Edge Praises Rollins, Balor Not In Rumble

Paige return

Paige Tweets Ahead of Return

WWE’s Paige whose Wellness suspension ends tomorrow Tweeted the following, possibly suggesting she still has issues with the company:

“When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you on your ass for no reason haha.”

The Tweet has since been deleted.

McMahons React To Linda’s New Government Role

The McMahon family took to Twitter yesterday to congratulate matriarch Linda for being appointed the head of the Small Business Administration by Donald Trump:

For a significant amount of time (especially in the early 90s) when WWE was a private company, Linda almost single handedly ran the business side of things. So she does have experience. Eric Bischoff discussed this on his latest MLW Radio Podcast:

I’m really happy to see it. Linda McMahon will be the head of the Small Business Administration. The SBA has been around since 1953 and it was formed by the federal government to help assist small businesses. Mom & Pop Shops that wanted to grow their local restaurants and wanted to help grow their manufacturing business. Small business is the backbone of the American economy. I think it’s really a tribute to Linda McMahon to be named as the chief of the SBA by President-Elect Donald Trump. It’s not like I’m close to the McMahon family at all but I was close enough to recognize the passion, the commitment, the knowledge, the experience, the ups, the downs that the McMahons had to go through to build an empire. I believe that Linda McMahon can relate to small business owners. She’s been through it herself. I think it’s a fascinating development not only in our new government but also that somebody from our industry is acknowledged for accomplishing what they’ve accomplished and is being recognized for the experience that they can bring to the table to help other people that want to launch businesses. I’m very happy for Linda McMahon.

Of course it also didn’t harm her cause that WWE were the single largest donor to Donald Trump’s foundation.

Edge Would Wrestle Rollins?

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated Edge said if he could have one more match it would be with Seth Rollins:

From a storyline perspective, coming off what we did on Raw in December of 2014, but there is any number of people. If you put a heel “Rated R Superstar” with Sami Zayn as a babyface, that would be something I would like to do. Seth is already set and already in a position where he’s OK, but if I ever came back, I’d like to wrestle somebody that I feel deserves to be in a top spot and show why. Sami is a guy I look at and go, “Man, that guy is so super talented.” I’d love to get in there as a heel with Jeff Hardy. I loved wrestling Jeff in terms of his selling and all those things, or a match against Christian.

The WWE Hall of Famer also discussed Jeff Hardy still being able to wrestle:

The fact that he is still able to move, at this point, is amazing. He’s made such a plaster scene. Even just his energy, he’s very loose. He’s an easy-going guy, and maybe that translated to his body being able to absorb all that punishment through the years. I don’t know, but he’s still going, and that’s a fact.

Finn Balor Won’t Be In Rumble

Although he could always be swerving us, Finn Balor told Gorilla Position Live that he won’t be cleared to return at the Royal Rumble: