Paige Dating Del Rio, Jimmy Snuka Not Fit For Trial? Sandow Discusses Release

Paige Del Rio

Paige and Del Rio Go To Disney Land

WWE stars Alberto Del Rio (38) and Paige (23) have gone public with their relationship, with photos from a romantic trip to Disneyland.

It’s not known if he has gone through a divorce, but Del Rio was married at one point.

Jimmy Snuka Has Dementia?

Forensic psychologist doctor Frank M. Dattilio testified today that Jimmy Snuka has dementia, and isn’t fit to stand trial for third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. The 72 year old WWE Hall of Famer was charged last year for the death of his girlfriend, Nancy Argentino in 1983.

Snuka appeared in court on Friday in Lehigh Valley, PA, and was described as “shell of a man” whose brain is “damaged beyond repair from years of wrestling stunts.”

The final decision may take several more days.

Damien Sandow Not Surprised

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Damien Sandow said he was not surprised about being released from WWE:

“I had some conversations with them before, where I had said that I think, as a character, we had gone through the gamut. What more could I do with that character? Some people say, ‘This company should have done this, or that.’ No, the company gave me a platform, and I maximized my opportunity. That’s all I can ask for. In maximizing it to the point that I did, as a character, sometimes all you can do is get a new coat of paint. As a television show, the WWE, they have so many talented performers there. There is so much talent in the WWE. I have no problem with them needing time to let the other guys show their craft. I am not selfish in that respect. When I was on TV, they knew they’d get a reaction. When you look at it, if you know you can plug me in any spot, and you don’t have to invest the TV time, then it makes sense to give TV time to guys who need to build their reactions. Just look back at the Royal Rumble in January, when I was on the preshow. I was in the ring for the first time in months, and fans were chanting my name, when I was just standing on the apron. That, to me, means more than any title I could have won in WWE. That means the world to me. Parting ways is never a pleasant thing. It’s funny, because we took some test one time, and my empathy was measured on some ridiculous level. When I was being called, I was thinking about the other guy – the guy who has to give a guy this news. I was just more like, ‘Oh, cool. Thank you for everything. It was awesome.’ It was somewhat mutual. I had expressed to them that maybe, if they didn’t have anything for me, then yeah, there are other guys who need a chance. I had already run that spectrum with the fans. A lot of times, in pro sports, you have egos involved. My ego was solely about getting the fans to react one way or another.”

Sandow also revealed that he asked to be a commentator if they didn’t want to use him as a wrestler.