Owens ‘Cena Is A Great Wrestler’, Heyman On Roman Reigns

John Cena Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens Defends Cena’s In Ring Skills

Kevin Owens addressed the annoying meme that John Cena can’t wrestle in a recent interview with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show. He said:

“Anybody who says that he’s not a very good professional wrestler and a very good performer all around is kidding themselves. I know he gets a lot of years a lot of hate from a lot of people for various reasons, but anybody who denies the talent, John Cena’s talent in the ring is really in denial.

He’s a fantastic competitor and you know if it wasn’t made evident by the match and we had at Elimination Chamber it’s going to be made evident again by the match we have at Money in the Bank. I feel like we brought out the best in each other at Elimination Chamber and we’re going to do it again this Sunday but there’s no way I’m leaving Columbus as anything but a winner.”

Of course the “Cena can’t wrestle” concept is mainly born out of people’s hatred for his character rather than his actual talent. If you put butts in seats, if you move merchandise, if you can tell a good story in the ring and people react, you are a good wrestler. And you don’t have to know Chris Jericho’s 1,001 holds or do 450 splashes to accomplish that.

Why Did Fans Turn On Roman Reigns?

Paul Heyman was a recent guest on Chael Sonnen’s podcast and reiterated the commonly held belief that fans turned on Roman Reigns because WWE booked the Rumble poorly:

“I think what happened to Roman is that he’s the right guy in the right place at the wrong time, Roman came in and had all this momentum behind him. Had they not announced Daniel Bryan’s return at the Royal Rumble and put it in people’s heads that Daniel Bryan would make this miraculous comeback two years in a row, then I think Roman Reigns would have been the person everyone would look to win the Royal Rumble. The most hardcore and die hard of the audience will be so loud that everyone else will be like ‘what are you talking about?’ and it becomes a conversation piece. ‘They’re going to put this guy in the main event of WrestleMania when this guy is available? Screw that.’ Putting Daniel Bryan in the Royal Rumble when the focus should have been on Roman Reigns, it took fandom away from Roman and he became the guy standing in Daniel Bryan’s way. I don’t think Roman’s missing anything. He went from a time when he was the hero to a guy that everyone resented.”

Neville Denies Mighty Mouse Gimmick

When rumors filtered through the internet that Adrian Neville would be debuting as a Mighty Mouse character fans lost their sh*t, but it never happened and Neville himself says it was never even a consideration. He told PodNasty:

There’s no truth in [The Mighty Mouse rumors] actually. I guess I was just more surprised than anything. Sometimes you get the wildest things just pop up and that was one of those things that it was funny at the time I guess.

False rumors obviously happen on a regular basis however it’s possible that everyone is taking the “Mighty Mouse” idea too literally. As dumb as WWE can be sometimes, do you honestly think he was going to be a superhero mouse? What they probably meant is that he would be an underdog that would come out on top, like Mighty Mouse. In that regard, that’s exactly what he is.