NXT Writer Moves To SmackDown, WWE Couple Get Vacation, ECW’s Negative Impact

NXT Ryan Ward

NXT Writer Promoted

NXT’s head writer Ryan Ward, who is said to be equally if not more responsible for the brand’s direction than Triple H, has been moved to SmackDown. It’s not clear who his replacement will be or how this will effect the product.

Emma and Zack Ryder On Vacation

WWE couple Emma and Zack Ryder got a short vacation to the Dominican Republic this week:

Dreamer Says ECW Had Negative Impact

Tommy Dreamer recently told the UK’s Total Wrestling Magazine that although ECW inspired all sorts of positive creative changes in wrestling, it also had a negative impact by sparking copycats that went way extreme but lacked psychology:

I think ECW spurred a lot of garbage wrestling … Guys would look at myself and Sandman and think that they could put on a T-Shirt and sweatpants and call themselves a wrestler. There’s a lot more to it.