NXT Gimmick Changes, Harry Smith Gets Bulldog Trademark, Corino On Cesaro

Solomon Crowe gimmick

Solomon Crowe’s New Attire

Solomon Crowe has gone through yet another ring attire change. He debuted the following look at last night’s Cocoa Beach house show:

Meanwhile NXT Diva Jasmin Areebi is now going by the name Aaliyah.

Harry Smith Gets Rights To British Bulldog Name

Harry Smith who currently goes by the name Davey Boy Smith, Jr. in Japan, has acquired the rights to the British Bulldog name as WWE are no longer registering it. He made the following statement:

A big announcement to be made! Ownership and trademark of the name “British Bulldog” has been granted, won and paid by me. Now going forward in Pro Wrestling NOAH I will be known as the “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Corino On Cesaro’s Lack of Push

ECW original and ROH commentator Steve Corino recently spoke with Jim Ross about Cesaro’s WWE status:

I believe he [has] got all the tools! The guy speaks a few different languages. He’s a monster in the ring. He’s likable, so if you need him to be a babyface, he’s very likable, but he can be smug in the ring, so he can be a heel.” Corino added, “when I watched Mr. McMahon on Stone Cold’s podcast on the [WWE] Network, and when he said that Cesaro isn’t connecting with the fans, I’m like, ‘are you serious?’ Like, I attended WrestleMania 30. That guy was in the top five of the most popular people that night!

He’s too talented. He’s too reliable because you’re not going to get problem one out of the guy. None. He’s a total pro. He’s the kind of guy you look at and you want to have in your organization for years to come.

He’s the nicest guy ever and that might just be a detriment to him, because he’s a company guy too. No matter how dumb the idea might be, and I don’t know if [WWE] have given him dumb ideas, [but] he’s going to do it and he’s going to do it to the best of his ability and he’s not going to put up a fight.

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