Nude Pics of Rollins and NXT Diva Leaked, Rikishi In HOF, Sting Responds, Paige Remembers Trainer

Seth Rollins Social Accounts Post Nude Photos

It’s been an embarrassing 24 hours for WWE’s Seth Rollins as his social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, posted nude images of himself and NXT trainee Zahra Schreiber, for the world to see. We’ve censored them for obvious reasons.

The images were soon removed and Rollins’ Twitter feed was quickly pulled from Rollins then issued the following statement:

“I would like to apologize to all the WWE fans and my family and friends for private photographs that were distributed without my consent.”

The exact source of the leak has not been confirmed. It’s not clear if it was hack or whether somebody close to Rollins who had access did it to smear him.

Other accounts using the name of Leighla Schultz, Rollins’ fiancée, Tweeted out nude images and private text messages as well, giving rise to speculation that Rollins may have been caught having an affair and this was a revenge move or somebody trying to expose it.

However other than the nude photos and texts, Schultz has not used the account since 2013 and the images have since been deleted.

Whatever happened has now been contained and nobody is talking.

WWE will obviously be furious since the product is PG and they can’t have nudity being shared out to the WWE Universe.

This also comes just a few weeks after a woman named Lindsey from Canada claimed to have had a “sexting relationship” with Rollins and spilled the beans on a radio show:


Rikishi Announced For Hall of Fame

Former WWE star Rikishi was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame on last night’s RAW. He was with the WWE in some form from 1992 to 2004, but became a break out star in the attitude era with his dancing “stinkface” character with Too Cool. He would later turn heel and was infamously named the hit and run driver who ran over Steve Austin, which resulted in a short run in the main event.

He was incredibly athletic for his size, performing super kicks, taking inside out clotheslines, and even taking a bump off the top of the Hell In A Cell!

He’s probably best known for sticking his ass in people’s face.

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens and Larry Zbyszko are also expected to be announced shortly, joining Randy Savage and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Sting Responds To Triple H

Sting accepted Triple H’s face to face confrontation for Fastlane on RAW. He did it via a video message.

WWE also began hyping Sheamus’ return:


Paige Tributes Drew McDonald

WWE Diva Paige paid tribute to UK wrestling luminary Drew McDonald, who passed away yesterday at 60 from cancer. McDonald helped train Paige, and is believed to have been instrumental in her WWE tryout.

McDonald was one of the household names when UK wrestling was on television, and he had a hand in the early careers of the likes of William Regal, Finlay, current NXT trainer Robbie Brookside, and many others.