No Stars For Wrestlemania? Santino Gets Married, Raven Recalls Partying With Shane


Which Stars Are Available For Wrestlemania?

In his latest blog Jim Ross brought up an interesting point – there aren’t many stars available for Wrestlemania next year:

Going to really be interesting to see how WWE begins to build momentum for WrestleMania Texas over the next several months as April will be here before we know it. I still feel confident that WWE will have over 100,000 people in AT&T Stadium on April 3 but am curious as to what the card is going to resemble. I can’t recall the WWE Title being more ‘tepid’ than it is right going into the biggest event of the year for WWE. This is not an indictment on Sheamus who I have great respect for and love his work ethic but the title lost a great deal of luster after Seth Rollins suffered an untimely, major knee injury.

The two most viable stars that WWE could bring in for WM32 or so it seems might be Goldberg and Batista. Austin and HBK are adamant that their wrestling days are history, Hogan is still on the outs with the company plus he doesn’t need to wrestle a match with his back condition and Rock has movie commitments I’m told as does Ronda Rousey. For those that think that Austin and HBK would do ‘one more match’ for the right money, please, just stop it.

Santino’s Wedding

Former WWE star Santino made the following Tweets about his wedding over the weekend:

Raven On Partying With Shane McMahon

Raven was a recent guest on Talk Is Jericho and discussed his first run in WWE as Johnny Polo in the early 90s. During that time he also got an associate producer role backstage, but ended up getting heat with Vince for partying with Shane:

Nobody leaves this company on their own terms. I did, so that was heat. Then, there [were] some other things that I can’t get into that were heat and so it was a whole confluence of things that were partially my fault, definitely partially my fault, and just circumstances. They used to call me Johnny Port Chester Polo because Stamford [Connecticut], they rolled the sidewalks up at one o’clock, but Port Chester [New York] was open till, like, five in the morning. It’s, like, five miles away.” Raven continued, “my downfall was I’d bring Shane out with me, Shane McMahon. And the boys are like, ‘ah, you’re sucking up to him’ and I’m like, ‘no, I’m not! I’m burying myself’ because he’d call his dad, and on commentary, I’d call his dad ‘Vic’ instead of ‘Vince’, so he’d go, ‘hey, Vic,’ which is just horrible! He’d say, ‘hey, Vic, it’s,’ and it would be, like, four in the morning, ‘I’m just going to sleep at Johnny Polo’s tonight’ and so I just buried myself.

He also revealed that Vince had no idea that the Raven character existed upon his return in 2000:

[Jim Ross], JR brought me in and then this is what Michael Hayes told me, that Vince, when Vince heard about it, he goes, ‘who the f–k hired Johnny Polo?’ because I don’t think Vince even knew that I built a career as Raven prior to going [back] there. I think he thought I was Johnny Polo and then four years went by and I sat home because if I wasn’t working for him, I wasn’t working anywhere. Or five years went by and now here I am again. Now I’m with some new character and ‘who’s he to think he can do this?