Next Hall of Famer, Coach Defends WWE Product, Shane Training Update

Stan Hansen

Next WWE Hall of Famer Leaked

As noted the other week WWE’s Wrestlemania magazine is already doing the rounds and appears to have the full Hall of Fame list. Stan Hansen will likely be the next name to be announced, unless plans have changed.

Coach Says WWE In Tough Spot

ESPN’s Jonathan Coachman told the Tech Times that while WWE can be criticized, they produce so much programming that it will always hold them back:

Well, one thing that frustrates me and always has about wrestling fans who love the business, is they don’t quite understand how difficult a business this is. What I mean by that is we all have our favorite shows and if NCIS, which is one of my favorite shows, if that was 52 weeks a year, you better believe there’d be a few episodes that weren’t as good as the others. The way Vince has chosen to do his business is to not have an off-season. That’s what he chose to do. So, I always encourage fans to, instead of complaining about, ‘Oh, this show wasn’t good or this show wasn’t good,’ just enjoy it for what it is. You get to have three hours. And by the way, I think that’s a mistake. I think two hours is plenty. Even in the early 2000s, when there were at least 15 main-event legit stars, it was still only a two-hour show. I understand contracts and TV money — I get all that — but I wish they would [go] back to two hours. That would really help.

Shane McMahon Trains With Gracie