Neville Injury Update, WWE Stars Congratulate New TNA Champ, Titus Talks Suspension

Chris Jericho Neville

Neville Won’t Need Surgery

Despite breaking his ankle and shin bone on RAW, Neville will not need surgery and is expected to be out 3 months maximum. reports:

Neville had some repeat testing done in Orlando today which included X-Rays and a cat scan of his ankle. Upon further review, it has been determined that surgical repair of the ankle would not be necessary. Instead, he will be treated nonoperatively with a cast and crutches. The estimated return for this type of fracture is usually 2 to 3 months.

WWE Stars Tweet Galloway

Several WWE stars Tweeted congratulations to Drew Galloway, who just won the TNA Championship from Matt Hardy:

Titus O’Neil On Suspension Length

Titus O’Neil was critical of his suspension in a recent interview with RapZilla:

When you think about it, WWE didn’t break the story. It got announced by Fox Sports news. Outlets that had nothing to do with wrestling took this story and the fans responded. If I were a problematic person, or cancer in the locker room, or a repeated jerk, I could definitely see the reasoning behind the length of the suspension. At the end of the day it all stems from my actions, whether it was an act of gesture or a jovial playful situation, it was deemed inappropriate, I just deal with it.