MVP On WWE Developmental, JR Looks At Superstar Shakeup, Luger Talks Jumping To WCW

MVP The Miz

MVP Says The Miz Never Complained

MVP was the latest guest on Sean Waltman’s podcast and recalled his time in WWE developmental. He said that despite getting a lot of flak The Miz never complained.

“I think it’s weird…umm. I’ll give you an example of the Miz. Very successful, very talented has reached of the highest highs, and I have the upmost respect for him. Cause when we were in developmental down in deep south, you had guys that been around, been a few places who were moaning and complaining about the training. I never heard Mike Mizanin complain not once. Ever. He ran the miles, the squats, the bumps never complained about anything.”

MVP also discussed how he became a bouncer with the late Kimbo Slice:

“Yeah, that was my first job on South Beach(Miami-Florida)… Kimbo was the first guy that walked up and I saw him and he looked a lot different then too though but… I was like, ‘Hey man you guys hiring?’ and he said, ‘hold on let me check.’ I heard him say, ‘he’s a big dude we could probably use him.’ Then the head guy came out and said, ‘yeah come back tomorrow night in a black suit.'”

JR Wants Luke Harper On RAW

In his latest blog Jim Ross looks ahead to the WWE Superstar Shakeup. One name he wants to see move to RAW is Luke Harper:

I’d like to see Luke Harper move to RAW and get a chance to contribute in a more significant way. He’s skilled, motivated/hungry and can have an effective wrestling match with anyone on the roster. Just believe that there is something there with Harper.

Curious to see how the tag teams shake out as well as WWE has done a nice job of restocking their tag team shelves and the reshuffling of the deck might present some compelling matchups that many of us haven’t thought of at this time.

Will Miz/Maryse move to RAW as if they seem to be ‘this close’ to moving up yet another level on any show that they appear. The Miz has worked hard to get better in the ring and he’s succeeded plus adding his lovely wife Maryse to the equation has worked well in my view.

Every WWE talent should consider looking at this ‘Shakeup’ as the opportunity to hit the reset button in virtually all phases of their professional life. The smarter talents will do something to improve their game daily. Something. Daily.

Lex Luger Talks First Ever Nitro

Hannibal TV caught up with Lex Luger over WrestleMania weekend and asked him about jumping to WCW on the debut episode of Nitro:

“The Mall Of America, the first show of the Monday Night Wars was awesome. That time when Hogan gave me the honor of the World Title live in Detroit. Just to be a part of that whole era was so much fun to be a part of.”