Vince On RAW, Nikki Bella’s Future, UFC Stars On Punk, Rock Trains With Nia Jax

Vince McMahon Roman Reigns

Mr. McMahon Set For RAW

In a continued effort to rebound the ratings and push the Roman Reigns vs The Authority storyline, Mr. McMahon is set for Monday’s RAW. reports:

Mr. McMahon will return to Raw this Monday, has learned.

After being Superman Punched by WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns two weeks ago, it’s safe to assume that The Chairman will have a lot on his mind.

Vince’s return two weeks ago boosted the average viewing audience from 3.05 million to 3.88 million. Last week the number dipped back down to 3.34 million viewers. are also hyping the following 5 points for Monday’s show:

– What does Stephanie have planned next for Reigns?

– Will Cena get payback against Del Rio?

– Will Becky and Charlotte stay on the same page?

– How will The Big Dog and his “family” keep The League of Nations on the defensive?

– Will the New Day have some late (and unwanted) Christmas gifts for us all on Monday night?

Nikki Bella’s Future To Be Determined

Nikki Bella revealed on Twitter that she will have a full prognosis about her future by the end of January:

The former Diva’s Champion has been out of action since September with a neck injury and several other nagging issues. She opted not to have surgery, so it’s possible she may have to reconsider that choice in January.

It’s speculated that her finisher the Rack Attack is a major contributing factor to her injury and that when she returns to the ring she will have to stop using it.

UFC Stars Discuss CM Punk

UFC stars Daniel Cormier and Kenny Florian discussed CM Punk’s transition to MMA in the latest episode of UFC Tonight. Initially Cormier was excited, but that feeling is beginning to wane:

“I’m the big wrestling guy on the set. As time is passing, it starts to lose some of the intrigue. I think the iron was hot when he first walked out on the WWE and that’s when he would have made the biggest impression on the MMA community because WWE fans would have followed him to MMA.”

Florian questioned Punk’s skill and injury proneness:

“This is what really concerns me because they said he was going to fight in 2015. That he needs some time to train. Well, that hasn’t happened. I know he has dealt with some other injuries and things like that. The fact that they say that he’s not ready concerns me. It shows that, listen, you don’t just jump into this sport and say you’re going to compete. It takes time and there’s a process. There’s a reason why they’re telling him to take his time. I think his training isn’t coming along as fast as they thought and it’s unfortunate.”

The Rock Works Out With Nia Jax

The Rock and Nia Jax managed to find time over the holidays to work out together. Jax is a distant relation of The Rock, as she is Peter Maivia’s first cousin once removed.

Speaking of training, Total Diva Cameron is working hard to improve herself by doing extra training with indie wrestler Carlos Cannon. The former Funkadactyl has also been putting in the hours at the Performance Center and has been booked on recent NXT house shows.

My Early Christmas Present: The road leading to our ultimate goals and dreams is never an easy path to navigate. Pain, criticism and disappointment are just some of the potholes along the way. How you work your way through them is what separates the believers from the achievers. Over the past few months a lot of you have asked me where I am and why I have not shared any videos of my training. I’m currently training down at NXT and performing at NXT live shows. Unfortunately, some things are out of my control so I can’t show you much but I can share this clip of my good friend @carlocannon me training before I left for NXT. In this business you rarely have any creative control but you do have control over how much effort and work you put into yourself. These 15 seconds are just a peek into what I have been doing to perfect my craft. To some of you out there I may be that girl who got booted from Tough Enough and to others I may be that girl who didn’t know how to pin her opponent. Regardless of how you view me I refuse to allow my mistakes to define my character and legacy. I refuse to give up because others say I can’t make it. I’m too hungry, too relentless and too ambitious to simply sit quietly and accept what is given to me. I will work my ass off and do everything possible to be the performer I know I am because that is what defines who I am. The Cameron you remember is not the Cameron you will soon see. #Cameronscomeback #MyJourney #MerryChristmas

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