Mike Bell Passes Away Just Months After Brother’s Steroid Documentary

Mike Bell

Mike Bell, on the left

Just a few short months after he was featured in his brother’s steroid documentary “Bigger Stronger Faster”, former WWF jobber Mike Bell has passed away. He was found unresponsive at a rehabilitation facility in Costa Mesa, California. He was 37 years old.

Though most of his career was spent toiling on the independent scene, Bell was a regular enhancement worker throughout the 90s in the WWF (sporadically appearing until 2003) and had a short run with the original ECW when they were on TNN. He is however probably most remembered when Perry Saturn randomly began shooting on him during a Jacked/Metal taping in 2001. He was dumped outside of the ring and then legitimately rammed in to the ring steps after Perry got pissed at several botched moves.

Mike was most recently featured in his brother Chris Bell’s documentary as a delusional and depressive wrestler still trying everything he could to make it the business. Sadly the film revealed that he had attempted suicide previously, and its believed his death was related to solvent abuse. Mike has also had several health issues over the years possibly stemming from steroid use.

Chris Bell release a statement on his brother’s death:

“My brother was my true hero growing up and I always wanted to be big and strong like him. He was the inspiration for me to make my movie Bigger Stronger Faster* because I saw how the American Dream negatively affected his sense of self worth. I will always remember my brother as the nicest guy in the world that sometimes got caught up in the wrong things. I am so sad right now over his passing. He was on his way to getting his life back on track and he was taken away from us at such a young age. My family thanks everyone who has sent emails and called. It really means a lot.”

Our condolences go out to his family and friends.

Here is the now infamous incident with Perry Saturn: