Mick Foley Returning For Wrestlemania, Charlotte and Emma Update, HHH At Arnold Sports Fest

Mick Foley Hell In A Cell

Mick Foley Returning For Wrestlemania Storyline

According to the Wrestling Observer WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is set to return on an upcoming episode of RAW to build to some kind of angle at Wrestlemania.

It’s not known what his involvement will be, but it’s possible he’ll be used to hype the Hell In A Cell match, considering his high profile history with the match. It’s also possible that he is used to get over a lower match on the card.

Similar to Daniel Bryan, Foley is not supposed to take any more bumps due to concussions, so it’s unlikely he’ll get physical. That leaves a guest referee role or just some promo related appearances.

WWE are looking to bring in as many big names from the past as possible to help get those tickets moving.

Diva Injury Updates

Charlotte escaped without a broken nose, after her match was stopped at Friday’s house show in Minneapolis after Becky caught her with a stiff knee and busted her open.

She won’t be taking any time off.

Meanwhile Emma who was knocked out for a couple of seconds after taking a kick from Asuka at the NXT Cleveland show, has been assessed by doctors and is not suffering from a concussion. She too isn’t taking any time off.

Triple H Speaks At Arnold Sports Festival

Triple H answered questions at this year’s 2016 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Check it out below: