Matt Hardy Defends Wrestling, Why Cody Rhodes Left WWE, RAW Rating

Matt Hardy David Crosby

Hardy Fires Back At Musician’s WWF Diss

Legendary musician David Crosby made a dated and backhanded reference to the WWF while Tweeting about the Word With Friends mobile game.

As well as wrestling fans crucifying him in the comments, Matt Hardy Tweeted the following in response:

Cody: They Could Honor My Father But Not Me

In a recent interview with Fan Buzz Cody Rhodes shed more light on why he walked away from WWE:

“That was a decision where I can’t stay with WWE because you guys are honoring my dad so much. I’m an individual myself. I love my dad, but if I stay here because you guys are honoring his legacy, yet you don’t honor me and honor my hard work, then I can tell you the number one person who would be pissed off would be my dad.”

Cody also discussed his short TNA stint:

“Brandi was watching Maria and Mike [Bennett] on Pop and she wanted to go. I didn’t have any plans to go, but I thought I could absolutely try to help make that happen. I didn’t have a bad outing at all or a single complaint. I do think it was a bit misleading to fans whereas I had only signed on to do 3-4 dates and I didn’t re-sign — I would have made everyone aware if I had re-signed. So it was a little misleading because I think they made it seem like I was part of the roster and I really wasn’t, I was just dropping in and saying hello on occasion. They let me do that, so I respect Impact for letting me do that. I really liked Dixie [Carter], really liked Billy [Corgan], really liked Jeff and Karen [Jarrett]. No complaints.”

RAW Rating Rises

The RAW rating continues to climb, with this week’s show drawing an average audience of 3.240 million viewers. This is the highest number since April 17.