Marty Jannetty Calls Stephanie McMahon A B*tch

Marty Jannetty Stephanie McMahon

Although he probably burned his bridges long ago, former WWE star Marty Jannetty cussed out Stephanie McMahon on Facebook after she name dropped him on RAW.

During a backstage segment with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose the Queen of the Authority likened Ambrose to the former Rockers member. “Let’s really think about this, all the great pairs, all the great friendships that have been busted up along the way,” begins Steph.

“Consider Marty Jannetty, he certainly never saw it coming with Shawn Michaels … and Dean I’m not sure how long you want to be known as Roman Reigns’ sidekick.”

Taking things to heart Jannetty wrote: “Did that b*tch just say what I think I just heard on RAW?”

He then suggested that Triple H is not the daddy to all of Steph’s daughters.

“Steph should I remind the world all them kids might not be Hunter’s?”

The former Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion was last seen in a WWE ring in 2009 when he was brought back to job to The Miz. He was previously considered for a longer term role in 2007 but failed a drug test.