Martha Hart Supports Non-WWE Hall of Fame for Owen

Owen Hart Hall of Fame

Martha Hart supports Owen’s induction into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame

The widow of wrestling legend Owen Hart has endorsed his induction into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall Of Fame earlier this Summer.

It independently honors wrestlers and personalities involved in the business and is not associated with WWE.

Here she is displaying her late husband’s plaque on Twitter this week:

Despite this acknowledgement of his career, Martha Hart has been against WWE using Owen in any projects including their own Hall of Fame, as she has never forgiven them for his death and doesn’t want the company profiting from his legacy.

The money she has received from the company in settlements and royalties has, in part, been used to fund an Owen Hart Foundation that awards scholarships and supports various charitable causes.

While Mark Henry pleaded with Martha to allow Owen to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame when he himself was inducted earlier this year, she has yet to give her blessing.

Owen Hart tragically fell into the ring during the ‘Over The Edge’ PPV on 23 May, 1999, when his quick release mechanism triggered during a special entrance that was to see him lowered from the rafters of the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. He was later pronounced dead due to internal bleeding.

WWE was criticized for not having extra safety measures and for continuing with the show after Owen was taken to the hospital.

No court has ruled on the situation, but the company settled out of court for $18 million. There was a second settlement over unpaid royalties in 2013.