Listen: Hulk Hogan Racist Rant Audio Finally Leaked

Hulk Hogan racist

Although the quotes from Hulk Hogan’s infamous racist rant have been circulating for some time, the actual audio has now been leaked on the internet via Death & Taxes. Here is a 90 second clip and rough transcript of the WWE Hall of Famer talking with sex tape partner Heather Clem, which was recorded in 2006.

He discusses his daughter Brooke’s music career and his displeasure that she’s “f–king the black guy’s son.”

He admits that he is “racist to a point” before dropping the ‘N word’ and says “If we’re gonna f–k with n—ers, let’s get a rich one!”

Although the Hulkster won his lawsuit against Gawker, who leaked a portion of the sex tape (which was recorded without his knowledge), his public reputation has been tarnished and WWE still don’t want anything to do with him.