Linda Endorses Trump, Watch Cruiserweight Qualifiers, Network Sharing Stopped?

Linda McMahon Donald Trump

Linda McMahon Endorses Donald Trump

For the first time Linda McMahon directly endorsed Donald Trump publicly, during an appearance on CNN, saying he’d make a “very good president.”

“I’ve known Donald for over 20 years and when I’ve been asked before I’ve said, ‘look, let me tell you what I know about him personally.’ He’s loyal. I said he absolutely is a good business man, he hires smart people around him, he is very patriotic, he’s a good man and very accomplished. And I think he would make a very good president.”

WWE Shares Cruiserweight Qualifying Matches

WWE has started sharing clips of qualifying matches from the Global Crusierweight Series.

WWE Stopping Network Account Sharing

In an attempt to drum up more paying subscribers, WWE are wheeling out technology to prevent Network account sharing. Some users are already reporting that when streaming from two separate devices, the second one to login will get an error message when it attempts to watch something. This applies to the same IP, not just users in different locations entirely.