RAW: Lilian Garcia Botches Line, Ambrose Clashes With Lesnar, AJ Styles Attacks Miz

Lilian Garcia botch

Lilian Garcia Gets Slammys Confused With Grammys

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia seemingly forgot where she was on Monday’s RAW, when she announced The Usos as the Grammy Award winners instead of the Slammy Award winners. We’ll give her a pass though since she has a music career herself.

Although Vince McMahon can flip out over the smallest of errors on his shows, he’s got a certain affinity for Lilian’s botches and decided to draw attention to the latest faux pas.

The announcers actively mocked the incident and a replay was ran in case anyone at home missed it.

At one point Vince enjoyed her mistakes and clumsiness so much that it was turned in to a little storyline. After legitimately tripping over on the way to the ring she was instructed repeat the incident multiple times at different shows.

Thankfully a Youtuber has mashed together some of her best “you f*cked ups” in to one video:

Dean Ambrose Is Not Afraid of Brock Lesnar

The big angle out of RAW saw Dean Ambrose do exactly what Paul Heyman warned everyone not to do – “intentionally provoke The Beast!”

As an anarchist, Dean believes rules are there to be broken and got right in Lesnar’s face to declare victory at Fastlane. Payback came after the Lunatic and Roman Reigns defeated The New Day in the main event.

AJ Styles vs The Miz

It now seems AJ Styles’ first feud in WWE will be against The Miz. He was a guest on Miz TV and didn’t take kindly to being called an “Indy darling” that doesn’t belong on the big stage. The Daniel Bryans of the world only succeed when Miz takes them under his wing – according to Miz.

Styles pondered everything for a second and decided NO, he doesn’t need a mentor: