Foley & JR On Angle As GM, Lesnar Off TV Already, Broken Hardys Update, Ryder Dating TNA Star

Will GM Kurt End Up Wrestling?

Both Mick Foley and Jim Ross praised Kurt Angle’s performance in his new role as RAW GM last night. “Kurt Angle is great choice for #RAW GM. He has the respect of everyone in the dressing room, can get serious when he needs to, and has an awe-inspiring ability to embrace his inner nerd,” Foley wrote on Facebook.

“He is likely to have very good chemistry with a wide assortment of the #Raw roster – which makes for good television.”

“Kurt Angle as the new, RAW GM is a smart booking. The 2017 HOFER will be a big time ‘get’ for the RAW brand,” JR wrote on his blog.

Ross also suggested this could lead to a retirement match for Angle. “I think that it also sets in motion, if desired, for a retirement match with Kurt vs some lucky talent would be a great attraction in NOLA for WM34.”

No Lesnar Match At Payback

The Wrestling Observer is reporting that Brock Lesnar is already off TV and will not be building a match for Payback. The segment on RAW with Braun Strowman was an early seed, but the current plan is to move forward with Strowman vs Roman Reigns.

Speaking of Reigns, he addressed RAW’s ferocious crowd reaction on Twitter:

Why Is Matt Not So Broken?

Matt Hardy explained why he is not so ‘broken’ in WWE in a Tweet this morning:

As previously noted, it appears some elements of the character will remain but we probably won’t be seeing pianos, Vanguard or any of the other craziness.

Zack Ryder Dating Chelsea Green

WWE’s Zack Ryder is no longer dating Emma. His social media postings reveal that he is now with TNA’s Chelsea Green.

The best weekend 💜 @zryder85

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