Did Kurt Angle Ever Consider WCW? WWE Doing Women’s Tournament? CM Punk Update

Kurt Angle WCW

Why Kurt Angle Never Went To WCW

Kurt Angle who first considered ECW and eventually went to WWE, was asked whether he ever considered WCW during a recent fan Q&A on Facebook:

Ric Flair told me not to go to WCW. That I’d be left behind. Whether he was right or not will never be known, but I trust Ric’s judgment. I believe he was right. WWE gave me proper coaching. WCW wouldn’t have. Example? Tank Abbott. I made the right choice.

Women’s Tournament On The Network?

It’s believed that WWE are currently planning a women’s tournament for the WWE Network, similar to the Cruiserweight Classic. They’ve had a lot of female tryouts recently, playing in to the rumor.

CM Punk Back In The Gym

CM Punk is back in the MMA gym following his loss to Mickey Gall. UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley who trains with Punk at Roufusport in Milwaukee, had the following to say to the MMA Hour:

For sure, he [CM Punk] was in the gym the other day. I was there. I saw his car outside, and I came in, I was going to say what’s up to him. And then I guess he was in the shower when I was changing, so I missed him, but yeah he’s back in the gym training.

Meanwhile Chris Jericho discussed whether Punk will ever return to the WWE on Chael Sonnen’s podcast:

It would be a big deal for him to come back to WWE, but I don’t know if he would ever. I mean, never say never. Dusty Rhodes came back. Bret Hart came back. I’m sure, at some point, he’ll come through.