Kevin Owens Fires Back At Renee Young Fans, Best of NXT, JTG Resurfaces

Kevin Owens Renee Young

Kevin Owens Not Apologizing

Kevin Owens drew criticism from some fans on social media for saying Renee Young looked ridiculous on SmackDown. Naturally he heeled up in response:

NXT Yearly Special

Next week’s episode of NXT will be part 1 of a “Best of 2015” special. Rich Brennan and Corey Graves will host the show. Meanwhile a new episode of WWE Breaking Ground will premiere on the WWE Network after Monday’s RAW. “With TakeOver just days away, the stars of NXT are preparing for the biggest night of their careers.”

JTG On Talk Is Jericho

Former WWE superstar JTG resurfaced this week on Chris Jericho’s podcast. The former Cryme Tyme member discussed the meaning behind his name:

I was known as Neighborhoodie. Paul Heyman gave me that name. And then when I heard it, he was like, ‘we’re going to call you Neighborhoodie’ and I was like, ‘okay, I love it’. Paul Heyman, if you’re listening to [this], I didn’t like it, but at the time, I didn’t want heat … I own the rights to JTG. I don’t know how I pulled that off. When I was in OVW, I was at the top of my class. And when we’d cut promos, I’d call myself ‘Just Too Good’. Just Too Good. At the end of every promo, it would be, ‘because I’m Just Too Good’. And then when I got to WWE, I had to humble myself. A lot of people would ask me, ‘so what does JTG stand for?’, and I started stuttering, I said, ‘uh, Just Too Gangster’ because I didn’t want to say Just Too Good because I didn’t want heat.

He also discussed how Cryme Tyme came about:

We heard about Cryme Tyme, I think it was our second or third time up on the road. We were just sitting in an office coming up with names, and you wouldn’t believe some of the names they had. I’ll give you an idea of [just how terrible the suggested names were]. I forget what the writer’s name was, but he said, ‘we’re going to call you Hoodie Nation and here’s what we got. You’re going to come out with your own flag and we’re going to sell flags and everybody in the audience is going to have the Hoodie Nation flag and you guys are going to be so over.’ And we’re like, ‘oh, gosh, no.’ And then they checked to see if the name was available because you have to go through trademark and this whole process and somebody already had it. I’m like, ‘yes! Thank you!’. And then Cryme Tyme came up and we just spelled it different and it worked.