Owens On Fan Sign Removal, WWE 2K16 On PC, Shane Douglas On Network Royalties

Kevin Owens fat

Kevin Owens Fat Sign Removed

Kevin Owens addressed reports that a fan had their sign removed because it called the new IC champ fat:

WWE 2K16 Out In March On PC

The long awaited PC version of WWE 2K16 is set to be released on March 11th:

2K Announces Development of WWE 2K16 for Windows PC

2K today announced that WWE 2K16, the latest addition to the flagship video game franchise, will continue its #RaiseSomeHell campaign through development for the Windows PC platform.

Available worldwide on March 11, 2016, WWE 2K16 for Windows PC will mirror the in-game content offered in WWE 2K16 for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.

In addition to the largest roster in WWE video games history, two playable versions of Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator and the story-driven 2K Showcase featuring the game’s cover Superstar, Stone Cold Steve Austin®, all WWE 2K16 downloadable content will be available for Windows PC on launch day at no additional cost to consumers.

Talent Not Getting WWE Network Royalties

ECW original Shane Douglas has shared his views on current and former talent not being compensated for their appearances on the WWE Network. He told the Two Man Power Trip:

Their are two ends of this compendium. The one end is the amazement of the technology. When I was a kid it was black and white television with rabbit ears to now with my son he can pull up with his smart phone WWE content or historical content or pay per views or a video game. It is astounding with the technology. It has made all of us present and accounted for to young kids. I can’t even tell you how many 8, 9, 10 year old kids have come up to me and said you are my favorite wrestler and I’ve seen you on ‘the network’ or on YouTube. All of these social media’s and networks have kept us current and brought us back in a time past where our age would allow and that is the amazing part of it. The other side of that compendium is you have somebody making an awful lot of money off of footage that we all have worked and tore our bodies to pieces to film and shoot originally. Nobody in 1982 or 1992 or even 2002 could have conceived the incredible technology ever existing and coming into the market everyday and that is only going to speed up. It’s hard for you to sign away your rights and say I just filmed you doing this wrestling match today and now we are going to take this and you sign away so that we can use this whenever we want in the future. Nobody could possibly conceive that, that is like Star Wars or Star Trek back in those days.

I feel strongly that the guy who played Eddie Munster on The Munsters back in 1965/66 or Leave It To Beaver still get residual checks. I think that clearly we should be getting at least similar feedback and benefits and we are not getting that. So that’s why I have a big difference with Vince McMahon because I think the technology is astounding and as he has always done he has brought wrestling into areas that nobody could have ever conceived of. But again as always in the past, Vince benefits from it and the wrestlers who are literally dying to make that footage (are not).

I am not saying that Vince McMahon did it but do you think that Axl (Rotten) came into the business a drug addict? All the banging and Tapie Death matches forced him to self medicate some of that pain. So if we are going to do that then clearly we should be some beneficiary of it. For me, I have two sons 10 and 14 years old and by my thinking if anybody on the planet is going to benefit from what I broke my body up to do it should be two kids named Connor and Caden ,nobody else. If Vince makes a million dollars selling Shane Douglas merchandise or footage then should get I $999,000 ? Absolutely not, but aren’t I worth a thousand of it? Two thousand? Ten thousand? Some percentage of that should be coming to me and my kids and sadly there is a difference of opinion with Vince on that and to my understanding there is a lawsuit being brought over it very soon so it will be very interesting to see how that lawsuit turns out.