Owens Wants Brand Split, Jake Shoots On Abdullah, Vince Paid Less Than Kevin Dunn

Kevin Owens brand split

Kevin Owens Wants Brand Split

In a recent interview with Mundo Deportivo Kevin Owens said he’d like to see a brand split to shake things up in WWE:

I think shake things up a bit and make for some very interesting situations and interesting match-ups that would create a different feel. That is not to say that eventually if the brand split were to happen, a couple of years down the line, mixing the rosters back up together would be interesting as well. I like when things get shaken up, I like when unexpected things happen. I feel like a brand split would be a bit of a chaotic situation, but I like chaos. I find chaos interesting and exciting.

Jake Roberts On Abdullah Spreading Disease

Jake Roberts recently spoke to independent star Hannibal about Abdullah The Butcher spreading Hepatitis. Here’s his blunt response:

Executives Paid More Than Vince McMahon

The Stamford Advocate has drawn attention to several WWE Executives who were paid more than Vince McMahon this year through stock awards.

George Barrios received $4.5 million for his role as Chief Financial and Strategy Officer, Michelle Wilson received $4.5 million as Chief revenue and Marketing Officer, and Kevin Dunn received $4.8 million as Executive Producer.

Vince only made $3.3 million, and Triple H was paid $3.1 million, including his talent contract.