JR On WWE’s Announcing Style, JBL Shoots On Fan, Rollins Begins Therapy

Jim Ross Steve Austin

JR’s Style Wouldn’t Work Today?

In a recent appearance on the Steve Austin Show, Jim Ross discussed how WWE’s current announcing style is much different than what he used to do:

I think those guys have a tough job. It’s just a different style. I’m kind of glad that I’m not [in that position]. [WWE] have more to sell. They have a mall where these other wrestling companies have a storefront. They have a smaller inventory to sell, whereas the WWE has a ton of things to promote and sell and their own network. So the announcers are obligated to get so much of that content in and that’s built into the show.

I do miss walking out there and sitting down and going to work, but I don’t know that my style in what I’m most comfortable in doing would be applicable in WWE these days based on how the guys are produced and the obligations they have to get the product over and all the stuff they [have] got to sell.

I miss the red light going on. I miss the crowds. I don’t miss the TSA people. I don’t miss the hotel representatives or the rental car guys or whatever. I feel like I’m an old wishbone [offense] football coach that the game has passed me by [in] that respect. And until the wishbone got back in fashion, I don’t know that I could do as good as I would like to hope that I could. But I miss it. I miss doing it. And certainly, I miss trying and if I had the opportunity to call just a straight [professional] wrestling show, I’d be jacked to get that opportunity. But there ain’t much of those out there and there [aren’t] many gigs open, and so I’m happy to be like kind of what [Austin] said. The armchair quarterback [position] works for me. I could do that from right here in the house.

JBL Fires Back On Twitter

JBL fired back at a fan on Twitter who accused him of “dancing around” saying Hulk Hogan’s name during WWE Survivor Series:

Seth Rollins Begins Physical Therapy