JR Has Skin Cancer Removed, Cena’s New Gear, Bayley Praises Charlotte

Jim Ross cancer

Jim Ross Treated For Skin Cancer

Jim Ross revealed on Twitter this week that he’d been suffering from skin cancer, but just had surgery to have it removed.

Cena’s Beer Inspired Gear

It looks like John Cena’s new gear was inspired by beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon (not exactly PG, but it’s just a design I guess). They Tweeted about it yesterday:

Bayley Wants Charlotte

In a recent interview with the UK’s talkSport Bayley discussed the success of Charlotte and who she wants to face when she makes it to the main roster:

“I think she’s doing an amazing job, it’s been really cool to watch her grow because I was in FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) for her first match and NXT TV for her first match with her dad in her corner, so to see how far she’s come to be able to be like, ‘I don’t need you anymore’, and knowing she’s going to be on her own now, I’m excited to see what her next move will be. I think she’s doing a really great job, she’s been put in this position to carry on her legacy and name, I know it’s so much pressure but she’s doing a great job. If I were to make it up to the main roster sometime soon I think she’d be a perfect person to target!”

“Nattie is one of them. I’ve had plenty of matches with her but I’ve only been able to team with her, I’ve never been able to have a match one-on-one against her. That’s one of the matches I’ve always wanted and she’s kind of been saying the same thing for a while since she was in NXT for a little bit. I remember watching one of her matches from the independents when she was like, an ECCW (Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling) SuperGirls Champion against Ivory. One day I want to have at least one match against her. Nikki Bella as well, when she comes back from her surgery and everything. She’s the longest reigning Divas Champion, so I feel like she’s someone I can learn from. I know we would have a lot of fun in a match together.”