JR On Lawler Situation, Lesnar Using WWE Theme In UFC? Bryan Helping Nikki

Jim Ross Comments On Lawler’s Arrest

Jim Ross commented on the arrest of his old friend Jerry Lawler this morning, on domestic battery charges. “Shocked to hear of my friend Jerry Lawler’s arrest in Memphis late Thursday night on a domestic battery charge,” JR wrote on his blog.

“King’s fiancé was also jailed on the same charge. Allegedly alcohol was a contributing factor in this matter that resulted in Jerry being suspended indefinitely from WWE as WWE has a zero tolerance policy as it relates to domestic violence issues.

“For the record, Jerry doesn’t drink whatsoever nor have I ever seen him act aggressively toward any female or anyone else for that matter. I have not spoken to Jerry recently and hope that this unfortunate matter can be resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Both Lawler and his 27 year old girlfriend have posted bail.

Brock Lesnar Allowed To Use WWE Theme?

Word from the MMA sites is that Brock Lesnar is allowed to use his WWE theme music for his upcoming one-off UFC fight against Mark Hunk. The bout takes place at UFC 200 on July 9th.

Bryan Helps Nikki With New Move

Daniel Bryan has been helping Nikki Bella train to get back in the ring, including teaching her a new finisher.

Yesterday I got to train with my brother in law @bryanldanielson He’s such a wrestling genius! He taught me a lot technically yesterday and even helped me with my new finisher. Can’t wait to get cleared and train even more with him. Can’t get aggressive yet with my training but goodness I’m yearning to get back in that ring! July can’t come quick enough! It’s going to be a tough road, but I love challenges! I don’t want easy. I want to overcome what no one thinks I can. You can’t take passion away from someone. If anything you just give them more fire to prove you wrong!